Trip Planner

This online Trip Planner uses Google Maps, giving you more information, making it easier to plan your trip. It provides you greater flexibility in choosing departure or arrival times, describes the route you will travel, and alerts you to any necessary transfers.

For more assistance planning your ride, call (417) 831-8782.  Additional tips for using the Trip Planner are available below.

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Please Note: This form is not intended for use in reporting emergencies requiring immediate attention. If you require additional assistance using this form, call CU Transit at (417) 831-8782.

More Trip Planner Help

The Trip Planner lets you find out how to get to places in Springfield using our buses.

Use the information below to help with the trip entry form:

Step One:

The first step in planning your trip is to specify from where you are starting. You can type in your starting point in the box on the left hand side (e.g.: 1255 Imperial Ave., 5th Ave. & B St., Bass Pro). See tips below for details on how to enter the address.


Step Two:

The second step is to specify where you want to go. You can type your ending point in the box on the left hand side (examples are given).

  1. You don’t need to enter the suite number or apartment number, just the physical address of your starting point (i.e. type in 401 B Street for 401 B Street Suite 800).
  2. You don’t need to type in the city, state or zip along with the address. If the Trip Planner needs the city name, you will be prompted to enter it.
  3. For some streets that begin with MT, such as MT VERNON, you may receive a message that it cannot find your starting point. In this case, try retyping the address, MOUNT VERNON, and submitting your request again.
  4. For some streets, there may be an abbreviation for part of the name. For example, KANSAS EXPRESSWAY could be KANSAS EXPY. In this case, try retyping the address and submit your request again.
  5. When entering directions such as East, West, North, and South; just enter the initial letter (i.e. North as N).
  6. When entering street intersection, USE “&” instead of “and” in order to recognize you are entering an intersection.


Step Three:

The third step is to specify when you want to make your trip.

  1. Enter the date of your trip if it’s other than today.
  2. Enter the time of your trip and whether the time is AM or PM.
  3. Your trip time has a major impact on the type of trip that is planned for you. If you are flexible in your time schedule, you may want to try a somewhat different time and submit your request again.