How To Ride

Rules and guidelines for making the most of your riding experience.

Rules & Tips
  • Exact fare only. Have fare, pass or tickets out and ready BEFORE you board. Driver does not make change. For discount fare, have ID ready to show.
  • NO WEAPONS of any kind are allowed on the buses or at the Transit Center at any time.
  • No eating, drinking, tobacco use, loud radios/CD players (permitted with headphones).
  • Obscene, foul, abusive language is prohibited at all times. It’s not only against policy, it’s against the law.
  • Shirts and shoes required at all times.
  • Hoods or masks must be removed when you board the bus.
  • For your safety, if seats are available, we ask that you be seated during your ride.
  • Please remember that seats in the lower E & D section of the bus are PRIORITY for elderly & disabled passengers. Bus operators may ask that you relocate at any time.
  • Animals are always prohibited on the bus, except service animals.
  • If a transfer to another bus line is needed, please obtain your transfer when you first board. A transfer cannot be used on the same line you obtained it from.
  • Passenger boardings and drop-offs are made at official bus stops only; operators are not allowed to stop at non-designated locations.
  • For your safety, we ask that you stay seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.  If boarding, please wait until the existing passengers have unloaded first.
  • BE VISIBLE AT BUS STOPS, stand next to the bus stop sign (if available) facing approaching bus, and signal the driver that you wish to board.
  • If standing room only, please ALWAYS brace yourself for sudden movement and braking by holding onto the straps or grabrails, and no standing forward of the yellow standee line.
  • After exiting, NEVER CROSS IN FRONT OF A BUS.
  • To signal for your approaching stop, pull signal cord one-half to one block before. This will make for a smooth and safe stop.
  • Please, never talk to the operator when the bus is moving, as doing so may cause distractions.
How to Identify your Bus & Bus Stops
  • Your bus can be identified by its route-line name and number located on the outside of the bus and on the front, above the window.
  • The bus signs are located at major stops throughout the city. Generally, you can count on the bus stopping at most intersections along the route, but you should call (417)831-8782 to verify exact stopping locations.
  • Wait for the bus at the designated bus stop areas. This is an important safety factor and helps to keep from delaying other traffic while your bus is loading, as well as helping to alert the driver that you want to board.
Cart & Stroller Guidelines
  • For safety reasons, the aisle MUST be kept clear at all times.
  • For your convenience, the seats in the lower E & D section may be raised for carts and strollers in order to make for a clear aisle. However, the bus operator may, at any time, request that this area be cleared for priority elderly or disabled passengers, and request that carts or strollers be relocated to the upper, rear section of the bus.
  • The bus operator, during certain times, may request that carts and strollers be folded to allow for room.
  • In some cases, passengers with large carts or oversized strollers SHOULD have an assistant present to assist with boarding and exiting of the bus.
  • Your cooperation with these guidelines is appreciated.
ADA Policies & Procedures